Our Core Values


We believe that passion is essential to what we do and in who we are. At bik Investors Africa Ltd, we have seen passion looks like many different forms, but what stands out is that it is always a powerful and inspiring force from within. It is passion that drives us to learn the newest innovations, compelling / impelling us to evolve and provide services our clients don't even know they need yet!


Consistent actions create consistent results. At bik Investors Africa Ltd, we believe in a “be who we are” motto. Transparency and originality is paramount for all individuals, and particularly executives entrusted to lead organizations and manage people. We are who we are. Our values and attitudes stands. This builds trust among associates, clients and friends and this consistency throughout the entire operation is paramount to our success. Our customers deserve nothing less.


bik Investors Africa Ltd believes that Respect guides all of our daily interactions from our clients and even with our products and services we provide. Respect goes both ways, from top down but also go from bottom up within the team. It’s about creating a working environment where all employees are free to be themselves, be listened to and valued. It is about treating the next, as you would yourself.

Our Board of Directors

    We are a passionate group of individuals and we believe in delivering equal opportunities and new innovations! We promise to do so by being human, persistent and passionate!